Why choose our LED products?

Deciding on a right LED product may cause a real dilemma. There are hundreds of sites offering Lux Bar LED lighting at a wide range of prices. It is difficult not to get lost in this jungle of products and offers. Which products are the best? What is a reasonable price for a good quality LED light? Are the most expensive better?
We provide you with a brief overview what to look at when shopping around for LEDs and why our products may be the best match for your needs.

Good illumination

When comparing our products with other brands, they seem to offer comparable lumen output. But when you take a closer look at the product specification, you realize that however the overall lumen output is similar or the same, the individual LED lamps are much less efficient. It may take up to 30 LED lamps on a strip for other brands to ensure the same level of illumination our product containing 18 lamps provides.

Consistent color

Many providers struggle to supply customers with consistent light color products. They advertise they lamps as providing nice warm light, while in fact their LEDs falls in a cooler light color range.
Our LED products provide high quality, relaxing and visually appealing light. Unlike many others we have an established system in place to ensure a consistent color and lumen output. Every time you order a product from out site, you can be sure you will get a LED lamp with exactly same light color, if requested.

Easy to install

Our products are compact and easy to install. While many other brands require user to attach connectors and often to solder them, our products can be easily connected from strip to a strip.

Flexible and adaptable

We offer a versatile product that can be adapted to wide range of situations and applications.

Our LED strips are divided into six inches sections. If one section fails the other sections will remain lit. You can just remove the strip with the bad section, cuts it out and replace it with a new section. This flexible approach allows our clients to save time and money, as they do not have to change the entire light fixture. Easy connection of wire harness allows the lights to be spread apart, if requested.

Our strip LEDs lamps can be installed with or without a cover, depending on application. They can also be made damp- and water proof.

Good value for money

Our lamps have very low power consumption – 210 miliampers (mA) per 18’’ strip. That is almost a half less comparing with other brands products! They are designed to last up to 35,000 hours. For comparison, an incandescent bulb last up to 2, 500 hours, a halogen – up to 4,000 hours and a compact fluorescent lamp – up to 10,000.

We offer high quality, well-performing and reliable products. In fact, our LED strip lights have shown less than 0.001% defect in tests.


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