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LED Lighting for the Garden Shed

Outdoor lighting is outdoor lighting.  Garden shed lighting, however, is neither outdoor nor indoor.  It’s the kind of location where most people mistakenly decide that they really don’t care about the quality of light, because they use it so little.  … Read more»

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LEDs Enhance Safety Lighting in Your Home

Anyone who’s ever stumbled around in the dark knows that safety lighting can be very useful in your home.  It’s also a well-known fact that well lit areas are a deterrent to criminal activity, and that some lights left on … Read more»

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Why Kitchen Counters Need LED Light

Many traditional lighting designs inadequately address the needs of a kitchen.  Most kitchens, because they are by their busy work spaces where the surfaces are all heavily used are only lit by a single ceiling fixture.  While this illumination may … Read more»

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