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LED Lighting Technology – Saving More than Money

Everyone knows that using less electricity saves you money. What many people don’t realize is that, by converting your household lighting from incandescent or compact fluorescent to LED, you’ll have a positive impact on the planet. Everyone know cialis sale … Read more»

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Maximizing Available Electricity

Does the outlet in this picture look familiar? Have you ever added so many extension cords to an outlet that it looks like an octopus? If you’re constructing a new house, you will install a central breaker panel with a … Read more»

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LED Lighting – Easy to Install in Hard to Reach Places

If you’re looking for a lightweight, easy to wire, easy to install lighting solution that looks great, produces a superior quality of light, and uses energy effectively, you need to discover LED light strips. LED light strips are most commonly … Read more»

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LED Lighting for the Garden Shed

Outdoor lighting is outdoor lighting.  Garden shed lighting, however, is neither outdoor nor indoor.  It’s the kind of location where most people mistakenly decide that they really don’t care about the quality of light, because they use it so little.  … Read more»

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Bedroom lighting with LED light strips

Lighting a bedroom can be a big challenge for an interior designer.  There is no other room in the house that serves so many specific purposes. We don’t just sleep in our bedrooms, we relax in them.  We read in … Read more»

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LEDs Enhance Safety Lighting in Your Home

Anyone who’s ever stumbled around in the dark knows that safety lighting can be very useful in your home.  It’s also a well-known fact that well lit areas are a deterrent to criminal activity, and that some lights left on … Read more»

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Why Kitchen Counters Need LED Light

Many traditional lighting designs inadequately address the needs of a kitchen.  Most kitchens, because they are by their busy work spaces where the surfaces are all heavily used are only lit by a single ceiling fixture.  While this illumination may … Read more»

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LED Lighting as a Conversation Starter

You are considering LED lighting for several reasons.  It is beautiful.  It is energy efficient.  It puts the right amount of light exactly where you want it.  Everyone will see it, and remark on the things they can see.  Here … Read more»

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LED Light Strips – A Simple DIY Project that Pays Big Dividends

LED light bars, like the ones available from ledundercounterlight.com provide beautiful, color verified lighting for any area in your home.  Because their designed to be extremely directional, they make excellent area lighting under kitchen counters.  While this isn’t their only … Read more»

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New LED Pricing Flyer!

With some products, people have become accustomed to seeing it on a cost per square foot basis or cost per linear foot.   While it is sometimes hard to calculate that with certain products, we tried to simply how you calculate … Read more»

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