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Maximizing Available Electricity

Does the outlet in this picture look familiar? Have you ever added so many extension cords to an outlet that it looks like an octopus? If you’re constructing a new house, you will install a central breaker panel with a … Read more»

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Bedroom lighting with LED light strips

Lighting a bedroom can be a big challenge for an interior designer.  There is no other room in the house that serves so many specific purposes. We don’t just sleep in our bedrooms, we relax in them.  We read in … Read more»

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Why Kitchen Counters Need LED Light

Many traditional lighting designs inadequately address the needs of a kitchen.  Most kitchens, because they are by their busy work spaces where the surfaces are all heavily used are only lit by a single ceiling fixture.  While this illumination may … Read more»

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How LED Lighting Can Add Value to Your Home

When you’re decorating today, but looking to the future for resale value, you need to be careful about how you invest in your property.  LED lighting can be part of your resale strategy, and the good news is that it … Read more»

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LED Light Strips – A Simple DIY Project that Pays Big Dividends

LED light bars, like the ones available from ledundercounterlight.com provide beautiful, color verified lighting for any area in your home.  Because their designed to be extremely directional, they make excellent area lighting under kitchen counters.  While this isn’t their only … Read more»

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LED Lighting Saves a Business $9,000 in operating costs!

We all know that cheaper is not always better.  When it comes to lighting, there are a lot of cheap solutions that you can use for your home, office, or business, but when looking at lighting you have to consider … Read more»

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LED Lighting Is Listed as One of the Top 5 Kitchen Design Trends by NKBA

The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) conducts an annual survey of members to see what the hottest trends will be for the year.  This year, the listed LED lighting in the kitchen as one of the top 5 trends … Read more»

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Lighting Design for the Kitchen

Choices made as to what types of lighting to use, and how it will be used, can make the difference between a room that really works for its occupants and one that is uncomfortable to be in, difficult to work … Read more»

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Can LED Lights Be Dimmed?

All LED lamps are designed to be fully dimmable but some of them may not be compatible with dimmer controls used with incandescent lamps. Dimmers designed for incandescent bulbs regulate the amount of power to the lamp filament. Although the … Read more»

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Changing home interiors with LED strip lights

LED lights are becoming a very popular choice for home interiors nowadays. They use less energy than incandescent bulbs, last longer and are safer for both people and the environment. LED strips may be used as a main source of … Read more»

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