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Why Kitchen Counters Need LED Light

Many traditional lighting designs inadequately address the needs of a kitchen.  Most kitchens, because they are by their busy work spaces where the surfaces are all heavily used are only lit by a single ceiling fixture.  While this illumination may … Read more»

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Lighting Design for the Kitchen

Choices made as to what types of lighting to use, and how it will be used, can make the difference between a room that really works for its occupants and one that is uncomfortable to be in, difficult to work … Read more»

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Why choose our LED products?

Deciding on a right LED product may cause a real dilemma. There are hundreds of sites offering Lux Bar LED lighting at a wide range of prices. It is difficult not to get lost in this jungle of products and … Read more»

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How LEDs are different from other types of lighting?

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Traditional incandescent, fluorescent and high intensity discharge (HID) lamp are comprised of a glass enclosure with a filament or electrodes inside, filled with gases and coated. LED lamps are based on semiconductor technology. They are built of a little chip … Read more»

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