LEDs Enhance Safety Lighting in Your Home

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Anyone who’s ever stumbled around in the dark knows that safety lighting can be very useful in your home.  It’s also a well-known fact that well lit areas are a deterrent to criminal activity, and that some lights left on in your home can serve to cut down the risk of a break-in.

How do we reconcile this need for light with concerns surrounding increased energy cost and the environmental impact of excess energy consumption?

Solid State lighting technology in the form of LED source bulbs could well be the answer.  A few short years ago, LEDs cost far more than they do today, and their light output was a fraction of what it is now.  At the current threshold of about 100 lumens/watt of electricity used, LEDs offer the highest efficacy of any available lighting product.

Coupled with the fact that LED lighting is attractive, available in a wider range of color temperatures than compact fluorescent, and the bulbs are extremely long lasting.   LED is quickly becoming the premiere choice for home lighting.

If increased security and safety is on your agenda, we don’t recommend lining the walls and floors of your home with lights that look like aircraft or theatre emergency lights.  A better solution would be choosing key rooms in which to place lights, so that they are useful in combination with your overall lighting scheme, and when they are left on serve as good “emergency” visibility lighting.  In your kitchen, incorporating some counter lighting beneath the cabinets will enhance the overall usability of the room, when accompanied by your overhead lights.  After hours, you can leave them on, knowing that the per-hour cost is far less than lighting of other types.  Your home will benefit from the appearance of occupancy that the lighting presents, and you’ll benefit from increased safety on your midnight forays about the house.


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