Using LED’s for display lights in your shop or store

The role of lighting in a retail environment shouldn’t be underestimated. Well-chosen lights create a unique shopping experience, and help highlight the products you sell.  A poorly lit store or shop can actually turn customers away.

Incandescent and fluorescent lamps have been traditionally used for retail interiors, windows and display units. The inconveniences associated with these lamps are that they consume high levels of energy and do not last very long. Burned out lamps do not look good in a shop as they create an impression of negligence.

More and more retailers switch to highly efficient and long-lasting strip LED lights. A LED strip consists of small, surface mounted diodes fixed to a conductor strip. A current is applied to one end of the strip and a LED emits a smooth, even, linear light. They consume much less energy and are a good option if struggling with high electricity bills.

LED strip lights can be used as a main source of light, as well as an accent lighting for windows and cabinet displays or for decoration. LEDs are a versatile type of lamps available in a variety of lengths and colors.

They do not produce that irritating hum and do not flicker. Well-matched modern LED lights emit even, pleasant light, enhancing textures and colors of displayed products and help in creating the mood and setting.

When thinking of upgrading your retail space, strip LEDs are also a great option. You can play with colors and create a totally different look and feel.




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