Are LED lights safe?

LED technology has eliminated numerous health risks and hazards commonly present with other types of lighting.

Incandescent and fluorescent lamps can burst out unexpectedly breaking into sharp, often very hot pieces. As these bulbs operate at very high temperatures they can also cause skin burns. For this reason, incandescent and fluorescent lamps are not recommended for nursery rooms and children play areas.

LED lights offer a much safer option. They gradually lose their luminary efficiency rather than suddenly dying by burning out. They do not get hot so you will not risk getting burns when replacing a LED bulb.

Lamps emitting UV light (mainly high intensity discharge lamps) may be responsible for skin burns and photokeratitis (eye inflammation) if the external casing of the lamp is punctured or broken. LED lights do not emit ultraviolet light (UV).

LED technology is also much safer than high- and low-pressure sodium lamps. If sodium or sodium hydroxide comes into contact with skin, it causes caustic burns. Additionally, when a bulb containing sodium breaks and is exposed to moisture, it can cause fire.

LED lamps do not contain mercury. Mercury is present in very small amounts in CFLs and fluorescent lights. It does not pose a direct hazard. However, mercury-containing bulbs are not recommended for rooms where babies are present.

Good quality LED lights are flicker-free. Flicker, commonly present with lamps requiring ballast (fluorescent and HID) may cause discomfort or even be harmful for people suffering from photosensitive epilepsy. It can cause seizures, and headaches. Flickering lamps can also cause health issues to people suffering from Ménière’s disease. Flicker can trigger migraines and cause eye strains even in healthy people.

LED lights do not produce an irritating hum. Health researchers have confirmed that hum and associated noise pollution can cause attention deficits, hyperactivity, irritability and fatigue.




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