LED Lighting for the Garden Shed

Garden Shed- Incorporating LED lighting for everyday use

Outdoor lighting is outdoor lighting.  Garden shed lighting, however, is neither outdoor nor indoor.  It’s the kind of location where most people mistakenly decide that they really don’t care about the quality of light, because they use it so little.  If truth be told, if the lighting was better, the shed would probably get used more.  It would certainly be cleaner.  Proper illumination makes all the difference in how you view a workspace.

That’s not to say that most people want to spend a whole lot of money in their garden sheds, either on the lights themselves or on electricity to power them.

Which is what makes LED’s ideal.  Progress in solid state lighting technology in recent years has been fast.  They’re now the fastest growing replacement technology for inefficient incandescent lighting, which is being phased out in North America and Europe over the next few years because of the load it places on the electrical grid.  In colder climates, it’s simply not possible to use compact fluorescent outdoors, because they perform very poorly at low temperatures.

LED bulbs with an Edison screw base are available for retrofit into existing fixtures, which makes upgrading quite easy.  They also have a much smaller energy requirement, which makes it possible to build them into much smaller lighting instruments.  For workspace applications, like your garden shed, light strips such as the ones sold by www.ledundercounterlight.com are an ideal way to unobtrusively place energy efficient LED fixtures.  Increased light output, directed where you need it means your potting shed can be used for far more than storing garden implements and harboring insects.  Per hour of use, The LED strips will cost much less than other types of light, and provide more useful illumination.  They’ll last up to thirty times longer than incandescent bulbs, which means less waste.  They contain no hazardous materials like Compact Fluorescent’s do, so which makes for a better environment, both inside and outside your shed.


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