LED Lighting as a Conversation Starter

Using LED Lighting as an accent to your home

You are considering LED lighting for several reasons.  It is beautiful.  It is energy efficient.  It puts the right amount of light exactly where you want it.  Everyone will see it, and remark on the things they can see.  Here are some less visible things you can tell them about your new LED lighting:

LED source lights will last for 30000 hours, or more.  This is approximately 30 times as long as an incandescent bulb.

Compact Fluorescent Lights last only about ¼ as long as an LED bulb, and contain materials like Mercury, which is bad for environment.  LED Bulbs don’t contain any hazardous materials, and can often be recycled.

LED lights have a much higher efficacy than their incandescent and fluorescent counterparts, which means that you will pay less on your electric bill for the same amount of light.

LEDs give off much less heat than other lights, so you won’t have to tolerate a room that is uncomfortably warm, or turn up your air conditioning, because of your lights.

If you purchase light strips from ledundercounterlight.com, you will benefit from the considerable experience the company has in providing LEDs specifically for household lighting projects.  They offer a range of products proudly manufactured in the USA.  Light strips, ballasts, dimmers, and connectors are available individually, or in conveniently prepackaged kits.  You will get exactly the right components for your job, and you will get exactly the right result from your components.

LED lights are available in a wide array of color temperatures, from a cool white that illuminates exceptionally well, to a warmer white that emulates traditional incandescent light sources.

LED lights are an exceptionally good choice, especially in situations where you want to direct light onto a work surface, like on a kitchen counter.  You know it, and the results are going to be so attractive that everyone who sees them will be intrigued.


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