LED Lighting in the Bathroom

LED Lighting in the Bathroom

Let’s face it, we all spend time in our bathrooms.  A pleasant environment can make the difference between daily regimens that are simply obligations to be performed, and tasks that are a restful few moments of solitude.

As in all interior designs, the lighting in a bathroom will have a great deal to do with the creation of a comfortable environment.  Most bathrooms, especially those decorated by a builder, feature plenty of bright, utilitarian general lighting fixtures that allow the resident to see what they are doing very clearly in all areas of the room.  This type of lighting is very effective in an area like a workshop or laundry, but is misplaced in the bathroom.

If you are designing or redesigning a bathroom, consider the use of under counter LED fixtures and task lighting.  This concentrated lighting will provide ample illumination for specific jobs, while not harshly lighting up the remainder of the room.  Unlike a workshop or even a kitchen, it is advisable to choose a warmer lighting (2400-2700K), which will provide illumination more like an Incandescent bulb, rather than the more clinical illumination of a cooler/bluer bulb.

Ensure that all of your wiring is to code, which will be different in the bathroom than in most areas of the house, because of the proximity to water and the technical ground presented by metallic plumbing systems.  This doesn’t represent any more difficulty with LED lighting than it does with other types of lamps, all are addressed in the applicable electrical codes.

Shower bulbs, for example, need to be enclosed in a watertight shield.  The same will be true for any ceiling fixture or wall sconce that can be accessed from a shower or bathtub.  If you‘re in doubt about the electrical requirements for your bathroom renovation, consult an electrician, or get a copy of your local electrical code.  LED lighting, because it uses relatively low voltage DC electricity, is very easy to work with and is allowed in almost any application.  Installing LED fixtures in the bathroom can create an oasis where the stresses of the outside world can be forgotten.


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