How LED Lighting Can Add Value to Your Home

adding little touches to your home for added value

When you’re decorating today, but looking to the future for resale value, you need to be careful about how you invest in your property.  LED lighting can be part of your resale strategy, and the good news is that it will start paying for itself right away.  There is a school of thought  that  says you should do what you want, regardless of impact on property value, but if selling your home is in the not-to-distant future, you want to keep at least one eye on the market.

When consulting real estate professionals, you’ll find that most advise that the smart money is in kitchen and bathroom renovations, because they tend to have a bigger impact on resale value, as well as ease of sale, than other improvements.

And then there are the intangibles – some people will be attracted to a certain type of décor, while others are repelled by it.  This is why real estate agents will recommend removing most of your furniture and personal effects from the house, and choosing a very conservative color scheme before putting it on the market.  The theory is that it will better show the house, and potential buyers can envision it as their own when it’s more impersonal looking.

In the kitchen and bathroom, neutral colors are recommended, as well as classic designs whenever possible.  If you’re even thinking about resale, it’s best to avoid too many trends.  LED lighting, however, can be used to illuminate countertops and other recessed spaces effectively, making your kitchen appear more functional and spacious.  Most people buying homes will be impressed by their classic look, and intrigued by the new technology.

Because light strips from are reasonably priced, easy to install, and vastly more efficient (up to 75%) than either incandescent of fluorescent lighting, their appeal is very likely to translate to a quicker sale, and maybe even a higher selling price.


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