LED Light Strips – A Simple DIY Project that Pays Big Dividends

LED light bars, like the ones available from ledundercounterlight.com provide beautiful, color verified lighting for any area in your home.  Because their designed to be extremely directional, they make excellent area lighting under kitchen counters.  While this isn’t their only use, it’s one of the first applications on people’s minds when they’re considering LED lighting technology.

They’re very simple to install, even if you have very little experience with tools.  When you purchase your lighting, you’ll get enough LED strips and wiring connectors to do your job.  In most situations, even attaching to your home’s electrical system is simple enough that it can be handled yourself.

The strips themselves are mounted to the underside of your cabinets with #4  ½” wood screws.  You can even use tape to temporarily mount them while you make sure they’re in the best location for your kitchen.  The light strips are very unobtrusive, and can hide easily behind a valance strip near the front of the cabinet or further back where they won’t be seen by anyone in a standing position.

The wiring is easy, too. The light strips are self-terminating, and placed in series, starting at the ballast.  The wires can be discreetly mounted under the cabinets, or you can drill holes into the cupboards and hide them, especially when they have to run between cabinets and might be seen.

In short, you need little experience and very few tools to install your LED undercounter lights.  If you’ve planned your installation correctly, it’s possible to get everything up and running in an afternoon.  By doing it yourself, you will have beautified your kitchen, increased the value of your home, and given yourself something to brag about when company comes over.


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