LED light strips for bars and night clubs

LED Night Club Lighting

As bars and night clubs operate mainly during late hours, they strongly rely on lighting to attract clients to the venue. Inside, lighting can greatly impact the atmosphere of the place. Nice accent lighting can create a mood and vibe that will bring people back time and again.

Many top entertainment venues across the country have already moved on and given up traditional incandescent and halogen lamps in favor of innovative, energy saving and visually appealing LED strip lights.

LED lights are much more energy efficient and they last longer. They can save bar and club owners considerable amount of money comparing with traditional lighting.

LED strip lights offer a great choice. They are available in various light colors – white, blue, green, red, purple, yellow and others. They can be programmed to jump from color to color or to change the color gradually.

LED strips can be used for general illumination, as well as for accent lighting. They can be fixed alongside stairs, counters, shelves, or doorframes. They can also be used for emergency exit path lighting.

Upgrading lighting systems in a club can pose challenges. Some venues have a wall of shelf cubes fitted behind the bar where the alcohol and other drinks are displayed. Each cube has to be illuminated individually, but the lights must be compact, which is were LED lights can be an advantage.  LED bars can be fixed at the edges of cube shelves – they are compact, long-lasting and require very little maintenance.

LED strips can also provide light for the bar area – white warm light create a soft glow along the wooden bar.

Many of those working in entertainment industry have already recognized the benefits of LED lights and there are lots of businesses who want to get into LEDs.






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