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A run is a group of light bars which share the same power source. A single power source can supply up to ten (10) light bars. Note: Obstructions, such as a window or other object which cannot easily conceal a wire, will end a run of light bars, and a second power source will be required.

Not exactly sure how to calculate what parts you will need for your project or kitchen renovation? We want to make sure the process is easy as possible, so we created this easy to use lighting calculator. Regardless of whether you are installing them under your cabinets in your kitchen, on a bookshelf, behind a bar, or whatever project you may be working on this calculator will help you simplify the process. Here is how it works: Everything is calculated in "runs" (see definition on the right). Within each run, there may be several breaks which we will refer to as cabinets (since that is the most common use for our lighting). Each break or cabinet must be connected by a harness, so it is important to list each individual cabinet in your run. If there is a window or door in between your cabinets, that would mean there is another "run". While the calculator may not fit every application, it is certainly an easy way to figure out how many cabinets you would need. Use our light bar calculator below to determine how many light bars and harnesses will fit optimally in your cabinet configuration.