In Dec. 2009 we decided to pursue LED lighting to replace halogen bulbs used in our display cabinets. In the beginning we knew very little about LEDs, in fact we did not know what LED stood for- light emitting diode.

We had sales people from all over the world contact us requesting us to try their products. We looked at many different types and styles and ruled out most products due to the blue color. Next we ruled out products because of cost, then quality and availability.

Many LED products required drivers and a power supply, the driver was an added cost that our customers just could not justify spending so much money to convert from halogen to LED.

When it came to quality we had new products in the box that came apart just setting in the box. Most connectors were very temper mental and required a person to fiddle with the connection until everything would stay lit. Most companies used double faced tape for mounting, in fact every product we tried was mounted in place using double faced tape.

The problem with double faced tape, first it requires a clean dry surface and even when we were able to provide the suggested mounting most products failed very quickly meaning the LED products started to fall down.

The next problem we faced was inconsistent light color. When we mounted most products in our display cases we could see several different colors of light within the same strip. The other issue was the LEDs looked like small spotlights on our shelves. Customers just didn’t like the look.

After many attempts to purchase a LED product that met our expectations we decided to investigate having our own products made. We found a company on the east coast willing to work with us. For 9 months we worked together, perfected our design and ordered prototypes. We received the prototypes and while they were not quite what we wanted they were close enough to go into production.

When we received the first part of our order it looked nothing like the prototype. We stopped production.  After about 2 months we received the balance of our order which was the same as the first part of the order we received. We now had unusable (junk) LED products.

When we asked for our money back the company told us it was out of their control because many of the components were manufactured in China, in fact we spoke to one of the China reps and he was going to look into the problem. After many failed attempts to get an answer and resolution to our problem , we gave up!

We knew what people wanted because we talk to thousands at the shows we do, so we went to a local  U.S. based manufacturing company, signed papers and began exploring what we wanted and how to obtain it.  After 4 months we went into production. We have not had a single failure and continue to improve our quality. Our LED products can be mounted with double faced tape but we also provide screw holes every inch that allow the customer to securely mount their LED products so they do not come down until they decide to take them down.

Our LED products have a 120 degree spread that eliminates the spot light effect on objects below. We do selective buying of LEDs to provide consistent color. We also have developed a process that reduces the affects of binning, a process that is inherent in any LED. All of our products are made in the U.S., with the highest of quality controls and specifications.  We use our LED lights in our own cabinets, so we make sure that our products live up to both our own strict standards and the standards of our customers.

We stand behind our product, and are willing to stake our name on it!  If you ever have a manufacturing problem with any of the products that you buy on our website, contact us and we will make it right.   Customer satisfaction is our number one goal!

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